The Thrown Ups - Seven Years Golden

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The Thrown Ups - Seven Years Golden
amrep 055 • Available in CD format only
  1. Your Band Sucks
  2. She's Fat
  3. Eat My Dump
  4. Flubber Mate
  5. Bucking Retards
  6. Dude Pump
  7. Person In My Bowel (Is Sad)
  8. Fleshy Web Pit
  9. Elephant Crack
  10. My Cock Is The Coin
  11. Hairy Crater Man
  12. Sparse Tits
  13. Smiling Panties
  14. Be Correct
  15. Melancholy Girlhole
  16. Stock Boy, Superhero
  17. Felch
  18. Lard Butt
  19. Sloppy Pud Love
  20. Hot Lunch
  21. The Ladies Love Me
  22. Scabby Like My Love
  23. My Love Is Simple
  24. R Ladies R Bitches
  25. Patty Has A Problem
  26. Slick Lip
  27. Thorp, Thorp
Tagged   AmRep in the 90's   CD   LP   The Thrown-Ups


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