4/19/21 UPDATE: We are very aware that cutting off shipping to the UK is very unpopular, so we're gonna try an experiment. There's zero chance of jumping through that VAT tax registration that the government there is requiring, but we're taking a whack at this.

We'll try shipping to addresses in the UK & hopefully, they'll go through. If not, please understand that is the risk you are taking & shipping charges will NOT be refunded on returned orders. This is purely testing the waters for the next month or so & if it turns into a cluster%*@#, we'll go back to the policy listed below.

Unfortunately, not shipping to the UK for the foreseeable future.

It all stems from the fallout from Brexit. The British government started making all international sellers apply for a VAT registration & then collect all the taxes on it at the point of sale. Then we're supposed to remit all of directly to the government there. We're not sure what the logic is there, since no other country has a scheme like that. At any rate, they've turned making a simple internet sale into a whole production with that nonsense, so we've cut off UK deliveries until the policy is revised.

We'll still take orders from UK customers & will ship anywhere else besides there, if you have friends or a shipper that's willing to try to send stuff there. 

This ridiculousness came to our attention in mid-January 2021 when we got a message from our shopping cart system & regarding the new rules.   Non-EU based businesses are supposed to collect tax on all sales under £135 then pay those to the UK directly. We've looked into a workaround & there's no great way to circumvent it & our shopping cart platform does not have a way to automatically handle all the extra steps themselves. In light of that, the super advice the UK government had for businesses to try & figure out how to navigate it was to "hire an expert to set it up & have them handle it."

We're hoping they'll revert back to the normal way for internet sales, because we really don't like having to cut off sales & especially for something that's so ill conceived & easily could've been avoided.

Sorry for the inconvenience & with luck, this will only be a temporary measure.

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