Cassette tapes? Really?

Yep, that's right, they're back. Old deadstock in greatly varying quantities. We held onto up to one box of each release from back in the day just in case cassettes came around again. What we didn't do is keep track of which ones stayed in a nice, climate-controlled office & which ones spent 20+ years in an exterior garage being exposed to the Minnesota's bitterly freezing cold & scorching humid summers & you know how good that is for tapes. But that's the gamble you take & we both know that anyone buying these isn't doing it because they want to dig that old Soundesign boombox from their attic & actually play them. Hell no, it's to say, "I have a 27-year-old Cows tape still in the original packaging."

This is all a nice way of saying, you get what you get & there's no guarantee it'll sound great. Plus a few tapes still have stickers from a retailer when they too gave up on cassettes & sent them back.

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