The our first release is 2024 is an unexpected one with a band we haven't had on the label yet & it's a reissue of sorts too.

The hardcore band was Minneapolis-based Iron Fist & was born out of the remnants of The Claymores & Skull Fuck. This is from their first release &  features the original line up of the band. 

Crucify Me was previously released in 1985 & only in cassette format, so we thought it was about high time that this record needed a proper release!

As you can imagine, the source material wasn't stored in ideal conditions, but we enlisted the help of Dave Gardner who restored & remastered it.

...And here it is with one good lookin' Digipak CD & includes an 8-page booklet. There's also 7 bonus live tracks that are ONLY included in the Digipak CD edition.

Cover artwork is designed by HAZE XXL. Catalog # is AMREP 152.

Here's the official tracks (plus those 7 bonus live tracks that are not on the vinyl edition.)

  • Intro
  • Crucify Me
  • His
  • Black Cat
  • Shattered Mirror
  • Maybe Tomorrow
  • Bad Reputation
  • Johnny
  • My Life, My Lie
  • Ballroom Blitz
  • Go Down Fighting
  • Best of Me
  • Frustration

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