Melvins: Sabbath 10" *FACTORY EDITIONS: BLACK *

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2018- Edition of 250 AmRep 124

Melvins: Sabbath 10" *FACTORY EDITION: BLACK*

So this was weird. Back in 2018, we decided to do a factory version of this album, due to how popular the fancy silkscreened art editions were. We released 3 colorways, but for some reason we can't recall, put all the cases of this 4 variant on a shelf & haven't looked at them since. There's some debate on what we were thinking, but moral of the story, nobody remembers the rationale, so here they are.

This should cover the nitty gritty on the background of this album. Al Cisneros of Sleep joins the Melvins in covers of Black Sabbath's Black Sabbath & Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath on this 2-track, 45 RPM 10". (Yes, that's a lot of the word "Sabbath" for one sentence.)

We're calling the 4th colorway the Factory Black edition, though it's not technically black. We ordered a black & red color combo from the pressing plant, but the black coloring overwhelmed the red & it came out as you guessed it, mostly black. I guess technically, it's black, with a hint of a reddish tint or the occasional streak that sneaked it's way through.

Like we said, there were 3 other previous Factory Editions released with different vinyl variants. The sleeve is the same artwork by HAZE XXL as the previous edition, but is entirely produced at the factory, so it's a machine printing process (ZERO silkscreening) & it is NOT signed or numbered.


Here's the tracks again, cuz people will inevitably not read the info above.

Black Sabbath

Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath


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