COWS: WHORN cassette

Sold out.

That's right, they're back because everyone loves cassettes. Actually, it has less to do with love & more that it's another item we found while moving the AmRep HQ last fall.

These are 100% authentic items that were manufactured back in the day. Then everyone moved on from cassettes & were stored away for over 2 decades. These are all still sealed, but there's a caveat. Some were stored in a climate controlled office & some in an outdoor garage where the temperature could fluctuate over the year by 140°. There is ZERO guarantees that it'll sound even moderately good, should you choose to open & play it. There's also some possibility that a retailer sticker may be affixed to the cellophane wrap. Moral of the story, y' gets what y' gets.

Now the details...

Cows: WHORN cassette. 1996, AmRep catalog #050-4


Divorcee' Moore
A Oven
The Warden
Mas- No Mas
Four Things


Tropic of cancelled
The New Girl
Organized Meat
Massa Peel
A Gift Called Life



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