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What is Supernova? 3 really large kids from a planet called Cynot 3. When the Smarmies (sick creatures bent on smothering the world with good will & love) blew up Cynot 3 in a supernova, Art, Jo & Dave escape only to crash land on a strange planet called Earth. With supercomputer/babysitter PAL 4000 at the helm of the spacevan, the guys learn valuable lessons about the Heimlich maneuver, lip sync-ing & making sure their spacevan is powered with plenty of rock & roll. Of course, the Smarmies are never far behind, as they won't rest until every last Cynotian has been loved to death.

Another treasure we found while moving the AmRep HQ. A small box of these babies were uncovered still in their original shrink wrap. only was only released on VHS cassette. Supernova produced this video as the pilot episode for an adult-oriented children's TV show, that ultimately wasn't picked up by a network. Supernova's Last In Space: A Show for Kids? is easily one of the weirdest things we've ever produced. Part kids show, part music video & a whole lot of bizarre in between, complete with a toy Oscar Meyer Wienermobile racing around a Horsepower City set by renowned artist/Replacements drummer Chris Mars.

Starring Supernova & Dr. Sphincter. Directed by David Roth. Produced by Tom Hazelmyer. Total run time is 25 minutes & includes a bonus video for their song, Math. VHS tape is still sealed in original shrink wrap & is Catalog # AMREP V804. Be sure to stick around through all the credits for some hidden suprises.


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