SEAWHORES - "The Hunt Is On" A-Side [Math.i Design 13 of 13]

Sold out.

SEAWHORES "The Hunt Is On" A-Side

One sided 12" - 33 1/3 - Splatter vinyl
Edition total of 260 - 13 Sleeve Variants (20 of each design)
Each variant edition numbered & signed by artist Math.i
Download card included

Each cover may be different, but they all contain these same spazz candy colored 12" treats.

Here's how this works. We were having an art show. We needed a band to work with that fit Math.i's insane brain stabbing collage work. We didn't need to look far as the Seawhore's are local chums and more than prepared for the gig. Problem, they only have the A-Side for their upcoming LP finished. Solution, fuck it, lets just press the A-Side up now, and get to the B-side when the time comes. Math.i makes 26 hand made LP sleeves for the art show. They sell out.

We luckily scanned all the sleeve art in high resolution. Now we've printed the first 13 designs on photo quality paper. Only 20 per design, and each edition is numbered 1 though 20 and signed by Math.i! The print is in an insanely thick 8 gauge polyvinyl sleeve. The record is exposed on the back side of the print. This package doesn't have a standard style sleeve, and more packaged akin to a vintage picture disc.

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