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Mr. Phylzzz is back for their 2nd album on AmRep! HAZE stumbled across these Cincinnati kids known as Mr. Phylzzz (now in Chicago) a couple years ago scrolling through Facebook. They kicked him in the head hard enough to shatter the calcified lobe that enables a person to throw in with a new band. Just recently they handed off a mother#@%&r of a new LP. Took a little longer than we thought it would on the vinyl, even with our incredibly low expectations with supply-chain turnaround times, but it's here.

This is the Warm Pink Center Edition. Cover art by HAZE XXL & silkscreened in 5 colors by Boxy Mouse. Cover ink on this variant has a red to pink fade on both the front & back of the sleeve. Vinyl is red & light pink pinwheel with black splatters in the pink parts.

Variant limited to 100 copies in this variant & is hand-stamped on the back with the edition #.

Catalog # is AMREP146. Here's the tracks...


  • Pretend Friends
  • You Have One New Message
  • In Memory of a Houseplant
  • Mr. Entertainer
  • SIDE B

  • Jesus with a Shaved Head
  • Karl and His Big New Suit
  • Daddy Wasn't There
  • I Took a Selfie At a Protest, So Now I'm a Good Person
  • Something we should also mention in case it's an issue. These releases are handmade & may have slight imperfections. We have the sleeves custom made, then they're shipped to us through the meatgrinder gamble that is UPS. From there, they are run through a screenprinter anywhere from an average of 6-9 times & then are all hand stuffed with the actual records. All in all, that's a lot of handling & so there's a good chance that they're not going to looking like a gleaming shrink-wrapped sleeve from a machine at a factory.


    We say this nearly every time & maybe one day it'll work, but PLEASE place everything you want into 1 ORDER.

    If there are multiple orders placed from the same customers we will either combine them with no refund on postage, or they will be sent out exactly as placed.

    C'mon, it's hard enough processing a couple hundred orders quickly without this AND responding to all the emails requesting combined shipping and refunds. This delays EVERY order.




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