Mr Phylzzz: "Cancel Culture Club" CD

Mr. Phylzzz is back for their 2nd album on AmRep! HAZE stumbled across these Cincinnati kids known as Mr. Phylzzz (now in Chicago) a couple years ago scrolling through Facebook. They kicked him in the head hard enough to shatter the calcified lobe that enables a person to throw in with a new band. Just recently they handed off a mother#@%&r of a new LP.  Anyhow. vinyl… in the hands of the fucked up supply chain delay gods, but out at some point! For now we've got the cheapy CD version for ya.


Catalog # is AMREP146. Here's the tracks...


  • Pretend Friends
  • You Have One New Messages
  • In Memory of a House Plant
  • Mr. Entertainer
  • Jesus with a Shaved Head
  • Karl and His New Big Suit
  • Daddy Wasn't There
  • I Took a Selfie At a Protest So Now I'm a Good Person




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