Mr Phylzzz: "Fat Chance" CD

With a 3rd album under their belt with us, it's safe to say that Mr. Phylzzz is now in the roster of regular AmRep artists.

The band is headed out on tour Melvins/Boris this fall & We planned an LP to come out in conjunction for that. Vinyl out soon, but for now, here's the cheapy CD with artwork by HAZE XXL.

Fat Chance features 7 tracks plus probably what will be the cover art with the waviest, elongated nips you'll buy all year. What more could you want?


Catalog # is AMREP151. Here's the tracks...


  • Pontiac Grand Am
  • Dirty Hands
  • Maybe
  • Damp
  • Modern Life
  • Insisting
  • Pick Scrape




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