MELVINS "Tribute to David Bowie" & "Tribute to Queen" 7" 2-pack

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2013- pressing of 500    scales 136 & 140

MELVINS "Tribute to David Bowie" & Tribute to Queen 7" 2-pack

 Both the latest 7" singles featuring (the) Melvins tributes with a covers of David Bowie & Queen (Scale #'s 136 & 140) sold as a 1 handy dandy 2-pack. No more scrambling this time to try to beat the crowds in adding both records to you order.


#6 is covers of Bowie's "Station to Station & "Breaking Glass" on clear red vinyl with white splatters!

#7 is covers of Queen's "Best Friend" & "Now I'm Here" on opaque white vinyl with red splatters!


As always, cover art by HAZE XXL & Mackie.


*** PLEASE NOTE: These 2 records are the EXACT SAME editions that we released through SHOXOP in early April 2014. There is nothing different from them other than us selling them as a 2-pack***


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