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What’s the obvious and predictable move for an insanely influential band like the Melvin’s to do on their 40th anniversary? An homage LP to another insanely influential band, Throbbing Gristle, of course!


A hybrid of covers and inspired jams, joined by their good friend Void Manes and produced by Toshi Kasai, this project will likely for the first time challenge longtime Melvins fans, because the band isn’t known for doing that…ever.

Expect Industrial accidents, broken machines, modular synths, circuit-bent toys inspired by the dawning of the industrial music genre kicked off in no small part by Throbbing Gristle. The first all-electronic Melvins LP!?!

This the Factory Floor Industrial Edition, sporting locked groove infinite loops on both sides, also comes with a bonus Flexi-disc with 2 tracks! Complimentary CD version included, and the head kicker… Off-axis drilled spare spindle hole – an act inspired by industrial forefathers (we advise against even thinking of using it!) Hand stamped art on the center label... just about every down and dirty trick from the industrial miscreants of yesteryear's handbook.

The LP is in classic black, but like we already said, we gone & done some extra stuff to it. Things like hand-stamping the center label with a skull & a warning not to use "the no-no hole.) When all is said & done, you probably don't need that 2nd hole, but isn't it nice to have that option, even if that the results will be terrible if you try using it?

Now, making that extra hole  means these are down n' dirty, sloppy drilled bits on imperfection. Like, grit and dust everywhere, so the anal retentive audiophiles & perfectionist Germans should just pass, unless they can make due with the CD for pure clarity.

Next is the 7" flexi-disc & this is a weirdo one too, because it's a single-sided & a picture-flexi, to boot. 2 songs on there, both on the same side.

Finally, there's a copy of the cheapy CD in the set.

Cover artwork is designed by HAZE XXL & silkscreened on our standard tan heavy stock sleeves by Boxymouse in 3 colors of ink, both front & back. This has the silver ink, which is exclusive to the Factory Floor Industrial Edition. Back is hand-stamped with the edition # is limited to 250 copies. Catalog # is AMREP148

Here's the tracks on the LP...


  • Eye Be Emm
  • Zyklon B Zombie
  • Semi Annual Report
  • Sic Sick Sixties
  • Heathen Earth
  • SIDE B

  • Hot On The Heels Of Love
  • 31 Jazz Funk Flavors
  • Discipline
  • Maggot Life
  • Hamburger Lady
  • Subhuman
  • And the tracks on the 7" Flexi...

  • A88A
  • Discipline 23

  • Something we should also mention in case it's an issue. These releases are handmade & may have slight imperfections. We have the sleeves custom made, then they're shipped to us through the meatgrinder gamble that is UPS. From there, they are run through a screenprinter anywhere from an average of 6-9 times & then are all hand stuffed with the actual records. All in all, that's a lot of handling & so there's a good chance that they're not going to looking like a gleaming shrink-wrapped sleeve from a machine at a factory.


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