MELVINS: "The Devil You Knew, The Devil You Know" CD

Sold out.

Here's a new one for you. It's also an old one. More on that in a minute. The Melvins have their 40th anniversary this year & we’ve got quite a few projects in the pipeline to celebrate & the first one is ready to go.

So here's the deal. 1 Album with 2 versions of the same songs. One half of it is the tracks from the sessions recorded in 1986 for the Melvins first 7" EP record. The other half is those same songs re-recorded in 2023, this time with Steven McDonald on bass.

Cheapy CD for just 5 bucks. Cover art by HAZE XXL.


Catalog # is AMREP 149. Here's the tracks...


  • Easy As It Was
  • Now A Limo
  • Grinding Process
  • At A Crawl
  • Disinvite
  • Snake Appeal





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