MELVINS/OFF!/REDD KROSS: "High Desert Overdose" 10 inch

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2016- edition of 100 AmRep 109

Melvins/OFF!/Redd Kross: High Desert Overdose 10"


Looks like we're closing out another banner year with one more release. What we gots here is the mailorder edition of the Melvins/OFF!/Redd Kross High Desert Oversdose split 10"  The sleeve features another HAZE XXL design printed on itan chipboard stock. The front cover is a 4-color screenprint & the back is 3 colors & has the scorpion design with the red ink exclusive to the mailorder edition. Each is hand-stamped on the back with the edition #. The vinyl is a 2-toned red haze. 

Side 1

Redd Kross



Dark Brown Teeth

Rough Democracy


Side A


I Don't Belong

Void You Out

Poison City

King Kong Brigade

Now I'm Pissed


PLEASE place everything you want into 1 ORDER.

If there are multiple orders placed from the same customers we will either combine them with no refund on postage, or they will be sent out exactly as placed.

C'mon, it's hard enough processing a couple hundred orders quickly without this AND responding to all the emails requesting combined shipping and refunds. This delays EVERY order. 








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