MELVINS: "Live Stream Obscene Vol. 1-3" CD

Sold out.

Melvins TV, first on the interwebs, now in yer earholes. With Covid gumming up the works of all of last year, the Melvins found another way for people jonseing to get their live music fix & that's how you get Melvins TV!

They put on 3 livestream performances, closing out 2020 on the final day with Volume 1- New Year's Evil. Volume 2 came along a couple of months later with their Valentine's Day special, Divine Monkeyshines. The finale from May 1st is Volume 3, appropriately named, MAY DAY! MAY DAY! MAY DAY!

All the performances were archived for posterity & now you can relive the audio magic on this handy $5 compilation CD of all 3 volumes with album artwork by HAZE XXL. Here's the tracks...


  • Anaconda
  • Edgar the Elephant
  • Evil New War God
  • Hooch Honey Bucket
  • Kicking Machine
  • Billy Fish
  • It's Shoved
  • Let It All Be
  • Lysol
  • Queen
  • The Bit
  • Eye Flys
  • Charlie
  • Growing Disgust
  • Oven
  • With Teeth

Catalog #AMREP139-141.



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