Melvins/Le Butcherettes: Chaos As Usual CD

Sold out.

 Melvins/Le Butcherettes: "Chaos As Usual" CD

THEY'RE BAAAAA-aaaack! We found a small batch that got shoved aside in the chaos surrounding the aftermath of the BASH 15 event.

Want the music cheap? Here ya go & only $5!
Don’t think of ‘em as compact discs think of ‘em as miniature LP’s with their swank lil’ cardboard sleeves!

Here we have the CD format version of the split Melvins & Le Butcherettes EP release, Chaos As Usual  (AmRep102).

The tracks are...

  • Melvins: Captain Comedown
  • Melvins: Industrial Art
  • Le Butcherettes: We No Owe
  • Le Butcherettes: The Devil Lives



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