Melvins Endless Residency LP Box Set [HAZE XXL Edition]

Sold out.

The Melvins have let HAZE XXL make an authorized edition of the Endless Residency box set for several art shows he has coming this spring. On this edition, there were only 100 made. They have been the most expensive project to make, that we've ever been part of, and that's not including the insane man hours, carving of art, and several cross country drives involved. They are EXPENSIVE ($500*). They are literally works of friggin' art. We talked him into selling a batch before hand. 20 will be for sale on Friday at 5pm.

  • LP1 Bullhead
  • LP2 Bullhead (blank b-side)

  • LP3 Houdini
  • LP4 Houdini (blank b-side)

  • LP5 Stoner Witch
  • LP6 Stoner Witch (blank b-side)

  • LP7 Lysol • Eggnog
  • LP8 Lysol • Eggnog


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