Melvins - Endless Residency Live LP Set [Rock Is Hell Euro Edition]

Sold out.

Endless Residency - Live LP BOX SET - Rock Is Hell Euro-Edition
Numbered Edition of 520 • All on 180 grain high quality vinyl
The box set contain 4 gatefold sleeves containing 8 LP's
They are are as follows (all 33rpm)

  • LP1 Bullhead
  • LP2 Bullhead (blank b-side)

  • LP3 Houdini
  • LP4 Houdini (blank b-side)

  • LP5 Stoner Witch
  • LP6 Stoner Witch (blank b-side)

  • LP7 Lysol • Eggnog
  • LP8 Lysol • Eggnog

These box sets are available for $180, plus $20 for domestic shipping. Currently, we are doing domestic orders only. These box sets weigh upwards of six pounds apiece and the shipping cost includes insurance and delivery confirmation.

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