MELVINS: ELECTRORETARD LP Reissue *Mackie Edition*

Sold out.

When Electroretard came out on Man's Ruin in 2001 on CD, the original intent was a vinyl LP later on, but the label folded that year before it could happen. Flash forward nearly 2 decades & it became clear that this would be a perfect project for AmRep to reissue in that limited edition, fancy schmantz way of how we likes to do (not to mention, getting that shitty 2012 boot taste out of everyone's mouth.)

The cover is designed by our very own HAZE XXL with really no connection to the original artwork. You could even say, he went bananas with it. Get it? Cause of the monkey. Ah, screw you, that joke is pure freakin' gold.

This is the Mackie Edition & whole new printing format on this on this one. It's fully designed & letterpress printed by Mackie Osborne complete with the alternative album title, Erectwo Wetaaad.

Don't hold us to this total, but we're counting 7 colors of ink on our standard tan cardstock. Each sleeve on this edition of 100 is signed & numbered in black Sharpie by Buzz.

The vinyl is Coke bottle clear with hot pink splatters.

Catalog # is AMREP134.

This edition is limited to 100 copies. Finally, the track listings...

Side A

Shit Storm
Youth of America
Gluey Porch Treatment

Side B

Lovely Butterflies
Tipping the Lion
Interstellar Overdrive

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