Melvins - Clown Tribute Series S&N Box

Sold out.

This is an empty box. It's a fancy-ass, custom made, hand-silkscreened, limited edition, signed & numbered box ONLY. This is to hold the 9 Melvins clown tribute series singles that we released over the past few years, but there's nothing inside. They are empty boxes. Empty. Nada. Zip

Did you get that? Because we can't stress this enough, this is a signed & numbered box ONLY, there are no records included with this item. Edition of 90 & signed in silver on the inside by HAZE XXL, who did all the original clown artwork for the record sleeves. Box dimensions are approximately 8.25" x 8.25" X 2"

These are handmade boxes that are hand-printed meaning, if you can't handle blemishes & imperfections, don't order.


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