Six brand new songs!

The best part about a new Melvins album is that you’re never quite sure what you’re going to get. THAT’S the genius of these guys! With Bad Mood Rising it’s a tuned down rock and roll nightmare. 

BIG riffs and scary vocals. 

The album starts with Mr. Dog is Totally Right which clocks in at over 12 minutes. This song also features guest guitarist Dylan Carlson from the world famous band, Earth. 

What a treat!!

From there it goes into Never Say You’re Sorry. It sounds like the way a big mean dog walks. 

Great fun!

The rest of the album rounds out nicely. Hammering might be one of the catchiest songs the Melvins have ever written.

Bad Mood Rising-The newest Melvins album.

This is the less expensive, but still awesome FACTORY EDITION-RECORD SHOP VARIANT. This is the same variant that's currently for sale in retails stores. But, since not everyone has easy access to a record shop where they live, we've also got a batch for sale here. Vinyl is classic solid black.

Sleeve art is by Mackie Osborne is printed at the factory with no frills. And yes, it's the same sleeve as all the other Factory Editions. Again, the vinyl is what's exclusive to this variant.

Catalog # is AMREP145

Here's the tracks...


  • Mister Dog is Totally Right
  • Never Say You're Sorry
  • SIDE B

  • My Discomfort is Radiant
  • It Won't Or It Might
  • Hammering
  • The Receiver and The Empire State

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