MELVINS: "(A) Senile Aminal" Limited Art Double LP : Blue Hoo Edition with exclusive print

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2021- edition of 24 Catalog #

MELVINS: (A) Senile Aminal  Ltd. Art Double LP Blue Hoo Edition


What do you do when life hands you a wonky animal? You make animalade, you silly goose!

This is sort of a reissue of the Melvins 2006 album. Now we say "sort of", because these were produced using Ipecac Record's run of "whoopsie daisy" mispressed stock, so we really hope you like A Vast Filthy Prison, because you get it twice. Conversely, A Civilized Worm, is nowhere to be found & not even on the track listings, so don't be surprised when it ain't there.

Double LP release & the vinyl is translucent aqua blue.

Tons of silkscreening on this one too. Outside of the gatefold cover silk uses 4 colors of ink. Inside, HAZE has printed 2 linoleum prints, then tore the edges by hand & glued them to the inside of the sleeve. The sleeve itself is thick tan cardstock & was printed by Boxymouse. Inside of sleeve is signed by Haze XXL along with the edition # written in pencil. This edition also comes with the exclusive Lumpen the Expressionist Walrus linocut print that's loose & suitable for framing. That also is signed & numbered by HAZE & the edition # matches the one on the record. Limited to only 24 copies.


Side A

The Talking Horse

A Vast Filthy Prison

Blood Witch


Side B

A History of Drunks

Rat Faced Granny

The Hawk


Side C

You've Never Been Right

A History of Bad Men



Side D

The Mechanical Bride

A Vast Filthy Prison



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