Lydia Lunch with H•O•F - When I'm Loaded 7"

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 Lydia Lunch with H•O•F - When I'm Loaded 7"

Okay so H•O•F have been doing split singles lately, well this time we actually teamed upped Teenage Jesus herself. Lydia Lunch made a pit stop in Minneapolis in Nov. to cut some tracks with H•O•F. Early Halo's was more than a little influenced by Lydia's venomous output with Teenage Jesus and The Jerks, or 8 Eyed Spyed. So when the two parties collided, it quickly reverted back to a twisted headstomp pissing match of noise. Throw a bottle of Powers into the mix and any other substance on hand, and you get the sound of 4 bulls in the china shop. The limited edition of 600 single contains "When I'm Loaded" and "Crawl 'N Cry". It comes with a bonus CD that has the single tracks plus the Chuckles Manson inspired "God's Other Son" track.

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