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For a band that only put out 3 full-length LPs, Hammerhead's influence looms large. This is the 2nd Hammerhead album when it was originally released in 1994 & it was about damn time to make it available again for your wanting earholes. 

Sleeve art is HAZE XXL's take on the classic cover & is a whoppin' 6-color silkscreen on tan chipboard. The sleeve on this one has the band's name printed in lime green ink. Several things make the Art Edition ex-tree. First off, the sleeve is gatefold, which none of the variants have. Then there's the 2 hand-printed linograph prints glued inside & since HAZE did it all the old school-rolled ink on linoleum block, no 2 prints are exactly alike. Topping it off, the sleeve is signed & numbered in pencil.

The vinyl on this edition is bright, translucent lime green with black & blue splattered throughout. As a bonus, the band has provided a download code for a digital copy of the album on their Bandcamp site. The catalog # is AmRep 121, for those who keep track of this sort of thing.

The track listings are..

Side A
The Starline Locomotive
All This Is Yours

Side B
Double Negative
Empty Angel
Galaxy 66
Journey to the Center of Tetnus 4


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