HAMMERHEAD: "Duh, The Big City" CD (reissue)

We are reissuing our Hammerhead albums in no particular order & so with that in mind...

We have Duh, the Big City, the 3rd & final Hammerhead LP record of the 90's & distills all the distinctive sonic qualities that the band cultivated since the beginning.

HAZE XXL reinterprets the 1996 original cover art by some guy named Tom Hazelmyer, at least that's according to Wikipedia & it's all brought to you in the convenient compact disc format for just 5 clams.

Here's the track listings...

1. Earth (I Won't Miss)
2. Meandrethal
3. New York? ...Alone?
4. Mission: Illogical
5. I Don't Know...Texas
6. It Could Ruin Your Day
7.  Victoria
8.  Monkey Mountain
9.  Zenith Factory
10. Mune
11. Mr. Bizmuth
12. Duh, the Big City

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