COWS: "Sexy Pee Story" CD (reissue)

Here it is, the last AmRep release of 2019 or maybe the first of 2020 depending on when we decide to do this. (UPDATE: It's the first.)

We's gots a Cows reissue of their 1993 album, Sexy Pee Story.

HAZE XXL took the most basic elements of the original cover art &... um...went a different route, with it.

Catalog # is AMREP 015.

Here's the track listings...

  • Blown
  • Shitbeard
  • Doing the Obvious
  • Ch
  • 39 Lashes
  • Death in the Tall Weeds
  • Uptown Suckers
  • Sexy Pee Story
  • The Ouch Cube
  • Mrs. Cancelled
  • You Owe Me
  • Sugar Torch

    Just for fun, we checked out the Top 40 hits of 1993 to see what kind of staying power they had in the past 27 years. Surprise, surprise, the vast majority of them didn't hold up very well. Meanwhile, "Sexy Pee Story" has it's own genre on Pornhub. It's not listed in such pretty terms as that, but it's definitely a category.




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