BASH 13 Compilation 10" MAIL ORDER VERSION

Sold out.


2013- pressing of 300 AmRep 092

BASH 13 Compilation 10"

In conjunction with the massive BASH 13 show in Minneapolis July 20, 2013, this 10" was put together. Featuring exclusive tracks from all bands, this clear vinyl with red splatters platter is the shit. 3 color front and back hand silk screened sleeve by HAZE XXL is the cherry on top. This is the mail order version with red & clear splatter vinyl.

Melvins - "American Cow"
Mudhoney - "Fix Me"
Negative Approach - "Borstal Breakout"
Gay Witch Abortion - "Lepidopteran"
Die Kreuzen - "Continuous Dogs"
Hepa/Titus - "Dress Ache"




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