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Our last reissue for 2020 is Chokebore's A Taste for Bitters. Well, if you wanna get technical, it's Vicious Circle Records that started the ball rolling on it, but as an original AmRep release from 1996, we got in on the action, complete with our own special edition sleeve with exclusive artwork. 4-color silkscreened by Boxy Mouse.

A Taste for Bitters was the 3rd Chokebore LP record & this is the first reissue on vinyl for the album & was remastered for the occasion by Globe Audio Mastering.

The HAZE XXL-designed cover completely goes it's own way from  artwork on the original sleeve, though the back riffs a little of the airplane theme.

Vinyl is a semi-translucent pea green with black, pale yellow & ochre splatters throughout.

Catalog # is REVERB 159 LP. Edition limited to 200 copies.

Here's the track listings...

Side A

1. Pacific Sleep Patterns
2. Popular Modern Themes
3. Ghosts, and the Swing of Things
4. One Easy Pieces
5. Days of Nothing
6. It Could Ruin Your Day

Side B

7.  A Taste for Bitters
8.  Narrow
9.  Sleep with Me
10. City Rings
11. Smaller Steps
12. Your Let Down


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