CHERUBS/GAY WITCH ABORTION with HAZE XXL: "Ink Obscene Archaic Gutter Memes" 7"

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2016- Edition of 50 Scale 162

Cherubs/GWA with HAZE XXL 7"

 Special release 7" single in conjunction with HAZE XXL's Ink Obscene Archaic Gutter Memes art show at Leona Gallery in Austin, TX. The white "Show Edition" blew out immediately. Lucky for you, we have an extremely limited amount of the clear "Band Edition" for sale right here.

Manufactured by Piaptk Recordings, the record is lathe-cut from plexiglass using an experimental process on 70-year-old machines. Just so you're aware, this is definitely not going to sound like a record made with the tried & true pressing method. One look, & you'll know that you're not dealing with a typical record starting with the fact that it's very rigid & it's square. 


The Band Edition is limited to just 50 copies in the clear Plex. Comes in a 3 color silkscreened sleeve on thick brown cardstock. 2 songs on the record, which are...

Cherubs: Sunshine Summer Camp

Gay Witch Abortion w/HAZE XXL: Belong

 ATTENTION: Let's try this again. Please place 1 ORDER. if we see multiple orders to same address, they will be automatically combined & the extra shipping charges will not be refunded, or they will just be shipped separately as the orders were placed. It's 1 person processing these & there's no point in trying to be sneaky spreading out multiple copies over several orders. All that accomplishes is our wasting time & your money plus it's kind of irritating.






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