BASH 17 Compilation 10"+Bonus CD *MAIL ORDER VERSION*

Sold out.


2017- Edition of 200 AmRep 116

BASH 17 Compilation 10" *MAILORDER EDITION*

Or latest compilation record re;eased conjunction with the upcoming BASH 17 show on July 22, 2017 at Grumpy's Bar. in downtown Minneapolis. 6-track 10" EP with featuring each of the bands,

This mailorder variant with half & half red/pale orange with black splatter throughout. The sleeve is a 4-color silkscreen of the official dino show poster on thick chipboard stock (back of sleeve is 3-color silkscreen, the Mailorder Edition has red ink on the back.) Artwork & design is by HAZE XXL & each is hand-stamped with the edition # on the back cover.

BONUS ALERT!!! You also get a CD version of the album! What a freaking deal!

Here's the tracks, cuz that's the kind of thing people want to know about.

Melvins - "What's Wrong With You"
Cherubs - "Sweetcase"
The Blind Shake - "Single Source"

Mudhoney - "Hey Neaderfuck"
Whores - "Flag Day"
Lydia Lunch Retrovirus - "Final Solution"




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