Sold out.

We're right out the gate in 2022 with another Melvins 4-track EP release. Normally, we'd be releasing the fancy vinyl version at the same time, but the pressing plant is still backed up since everyone else stopped releasing records in all of diseasy 2020 & then swamped the system when things started up again.

Includes 2 heavy Melvins tracks from an upcoming LP & 2 insane covers, 1 of them featuring Matt Cameron of Soundgarden even.

For now, you'll still the music you wants on crystal-clear cee-dee format for the low price of just 5 bucks.


Catalog #AMREP144.

Here's the tracks...

  • Never Say You're Sorry
  • Spoon Man
  • Misty Mountain Urge
  • The Receiver & the Empire State

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