The Thrown Ups- s/t LP

Sold out.

We've been doing some organizing here at the ol' AmRep offices & came across a few things that seemed to have been missed when our shopping cart systems have changed over the years. Here's a gem from The Thrown Ups...

The Thrown Ups, -self titled
Glitterhouse/Amphetamine Reptile
Stock # ARR 10/98
Manufactured & marketed in West Germany
  1. The Person In My Bowel (Is Very Sad)
  2. Fleshy Web Pit
  3. Sloppy Pud Love
  4. Hot Lunch
  5. Sparse Tits
  6. Melancholy Girl Hole
  7. Patty Has a Problem
  8. Stockboy, Superhero
  9. Slick Lip
  10. R Ladies R Bitches
  11. Craterhead
  12. My Love Is Simple
  13. Thorp, Thorp, Thorp.


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