Redd Kross & Melvins- New Years Eve Ball Room Blitz 12"

Sold out.

12" made for the NYE 2012 (going into 2013) show at The Alexandria Hotel's King Eddie Ballroom in Los Angeles.
SIDE A: Melvins doing the theme from John Waters/Devine's "Female Trouble" and a Fugs cover of "Carpe Diem"
SIDE B: Redd Kross doing 2 versions of "Linda Blair" old (1984) & new (2012).

Pressing of 300 with silk screened  sleeves designed by Haze-XXL & printed by Obsolete Industries. The ones for sale here through AmRep are for the version that has the show postcard  glued on the back & NOT the letterpress Mackie Osborne variant (& we don't have any of them so don't ask.) Schmancy red cross vinyl (ha, get it?) & each sleeve is stamped with the edition #.
Limit 2 per customer


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