Melvins with Mudhoney: White Lazy Boy 10" *Golden Boy Edition*

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Melvins/Mudhoney: White Lazy Boy 10"

HO-LEE CRAP! Just based on CD sales, this album has proven itself a real Popular Pete, right out of the gate! So, you ask, what's it 'bout?


The answer: All new material here that we're pretty excited about. (The) Melvins have a new 4-track album & what's this, Mudhoney is joining them too? (If you've already listened to the CD, you know the first track is a Black Flag cover that knocks it right out of the G-D park.)

Artwork by HAZE XXL with none other than Mr. Hughes in the prime of his life. No doubt living the life in the Desert Inn, trying to think of a movie better than Ice Station Zebra. Bet you're now trying to think of one too. Guess what buster, you can't! That thing is a @*%&#-ing masterpiece! And say what you will about Howard, but he was saving his urine in jars WAY before it was cool.

This is the "Golden Boy Edition". 3-color silkscreened sleeve has the gold ink variant that's exclusive to this edition. Vinyl on the 10" is a black & white pinwheel pattern.

Back of each sleeve is stamped with the edition #.

Catalog #AMREP135. Edition is limited to just 100 copies.

Here's the tracks...

My War
Walking Crazy

Ten Minute Visitation

Drive Back


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