Melvins - The Bulls & the Bees 10"

Sold out.

Melvins: The Bulls & the Bees 10"

Made with all our non-platonic love because you can't hold a download in your hand.

Mackie Osborne has done it again with a handmade sleeve printed on her antique letterpress from the 1890's for your schmancy new record. The inks she used vary wildly in color like red, pink, silver & orange & there are a number of different images on the back.
On top of that, there 4 different color vinyl variants & these are sold blind so you won't know which you'll be getting.

Tracks are...
The War on Wisdom
We Are Doomed
Friends Before Larry
A Really Long Wait
National Hamster

Edition of 500 & all sleeves are hand- #'d on the back.


Tagged   10"   Bees   Bulls   EP   Mackie Osborne   Melvins   Scion   splatter   split   Sugar Daddy   vinyl


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