Melvins: Sugar Daddy box set of 15

Sold out.

Never thought we'd be putting any of these online, but are running out of space here at AmRep HQ. So let's get right down to it. What we've got today is a limited amount of box sets of the Melvins Sugar Daddy Splits 12" singles we released a few years back complete with the impossible to find collectors box that were sold exclusively at the BASH 15 show. They sold out immediately & we have never offered it for sale online before. What ya'll get in the set is 15 of the 16 Sugar Daddy albums including the metallic pig cover variants with the exception of the #10 (Fantomas) metallic variant. Too many tracks to list & you can find all of that info here in case you don't already know & are dying to find out. 
Vinyl on all mostly clear with various colors splattered throughout (examples in pics.)
Each 12" has 1 side with (the) Melvins & the other by a guest band.
#1 U-men
#2 Cows
#3 OFF!
#4 Killdozer
#5 Midwest Hardcore (3 bands: Negative Approach, Die Kreuzen & Necros)
#6 Butthole Surfers
# Mudhoney
#8 Fucked Up
#9 Napalm Death
#10 Fantomas
#11 Melvins 1983
#12 King Buzzo
#13 Karp
#11 Melvins 1983 Ltd. Metallic gold pig cover variant
#12 King Buzzo w/ Ltd. Metallic blue pig cover variant
All contained in that Limited Edition box I was mentioning before. Hot damn!



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