MELVINS: "Stag" Limited Art Edition Double LP

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2016- edition of 200 TMR 297

MELVINS: Stag Ltd. Ed. Art Double LP


Limited Art Edition of the Melvins' Houdini album recently reissued by Third Man Records. This variant has HAZE XXL's take on the original Mackie Osborne album art.

Special vinyl color variants from the standard reissue. The first for Sides One (A) & Two (B) is an opaque tomato red. The second for Sides Three (C) & Four (D) is opaque turquois marbled with white & blue.

Tons of silkscreening on this one too. Front cover silk uses 5 colors of ink. The back of sleeve has 3 & the gatefold has an awesome 2-color royal owl covering the entire field. The sleeve itself is thick tan cardstock. Back of sleeve is signed by Haze XXL along with the edition # written in pencil.


Side A

The Bit


Bar-X-The Rocking M

Yacobs Lab

The Bloat



Side B

Tipping the Lion

Black Bock




Side C

Buck Owens




Side D

Skin Horse

Captain Pungent




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If there are multiple orders placed from the same customers we will either combine them with no refund on postage, or they will be sent out exactly as placed.



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