MELVINS: "Pinkus Abortion Technician" LP- Weird Ass EDITION

Sold out.

Oh man, it's another edition of the Melvins' Pinkus Abortion Technician LP & we've just been referring to it as the "Weird Ass" Edition, so that's what it is now. 

This one just sorta happened. HAZE had wanted to have a screenprint made of his artwork to scan & use for the Factory Edition on this album. Well, since we had the screens already made, we took some of the extra covers from the previous screened editions & printed right on top of them. The result, now there's a screenprinted version of the factory album with a ghost image of previous cover underneath. Hopefully that makes sense, but there's a detail pic, just in case. Back to the sleeve is the same creep baby emerging from a field of red just like all the other editions.

The edition has it's own vinyl variant too in black. Just plain ol' black. Like, when you think of a typical record & automatically think, "solid black", well it's that. 

Did we mention, there's only 30 copies in this edition & all the sleeves are hand-numbered on the back.

The catalog # is AmRep 122.

Aaaaaaaaannnnnnd the track listings...

Side A
Stop Moving to Florida
Embrace the Rub
Don't Forget to Breathe
Flamboyant Duck

Side B
Break Bread
I Want to Hold Your Hand
Prenup Butter
Grave Yard


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