MELVINS: "Five Legged Dog" 4x LP Box Set designed by HAZE XXL ***DINGED CORNER***

Sold out.



 Much as we tried to squeeze this out before Christmas, it turned out to be our very first release of 2023 & the "it in question, is this Special Edition box set of (the) Melvins 2021 Ipecac release of Five Legged Dog.

There's a big "WHOOPS" on this particular set in that one of the corners got dinged during production. Yep, that lower left corner took a noticeable smack during shipping or manufacturing or something, so you have to know that's part of the deal when buying the set. We included pics so you can see it for yourself. Look at it this way, at least you won’t have to endure the prospect of the Russian roulette of going through the mail.

This thing is so limited, that there weren't even enough boxes made to replace it with a spare one. So, with this one, you know you're getting a dinged corner, but to try & make it equitable, it's the ONLY copy to include a hand-pulled, signed linocut print of HAZE's cover art with the edition # as the only Artist Proof made of it.

4 full-length LPs in this set & it's all acoustic, baby! The vinyl itself are the exact same ones that Ipecac used for their regular release of this album in 2021. If your curious to know what they are, refuse to look that the photos on here, the 4 record colors are...

RECORD 1 (A/B): Light blue with heavy mix white & darker blue splatters.RECORD 2 (C/D) Clear red vinyl marbled with black fronds.RECORD 3 (E/F) Mint teal green with heavy mix of white & darker mint splatters.
RECORD  (G/H) Pink with heavy mix of white & darker pink splatters.

The packaging is what makes this one special. Unlike the the Ipecac one, it comes in a fancy real box set & as a bonus, the halves that make it are even 2 different colors. Gone is the familiar Mackie Osborne & is replaced with HAZE's super pissed dog head on the front. Thew theme continues to the back of the south end of that northbound pup with a nice shot of his anus & balls, because you's a new year!

Silkscreened by Boxy Mouse in 3 colors on both sides of the box. Red, white & blue on a black base on the front, pink, black & white on a red base for the back. These are handmade boxes, which means all sorts of little quirks & imperfections in the boxes. If you're OCD about everything looking absolutely pristine, this is NOT the set for you.

Comes with signed silkscreen prints of the HAZE XXL cover art & another letterpress unsigned one by Mackie Osborne. Also includes a download code for a digital copy of the albums & fold-out poster that originally came with the Ipecac general release.

Limited to only 50 copies. Signed & numbered on the inside of the box. Catalog #ICP238-1


Record A/B

Edgar the Elephant

Up the Dumper

Hung Bunny/Roman Dog Bird


Billy Fish



A Growing Disgust


Record 2

Eye Flys/Woman

Pitfalls in Serving Warrants

Outside Chance

Evil New War God

The Bloated Pope

Bad Move

With Teeth

Halo of Flies


Record 3




Lovely Butterflies


It's Shoved

Honey Bucket

We Are Doomed

Fly Paper

Let God Be Your Gardener

At the Stake


Record 4

Night Goat


Everybody's Talking


Suicide In Progress


The Bit

Civilized Worm

Don't Forget to Breathe



PLEASE place everything you want into 1 ORDER.

If there are multiple orders placed from the same customers we will either combine them with no refund on postage, or they will be sent out exactly as placed.





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