Haze-XXL w/Gay Witch Abortion-"Snakes Behind the Eyes" Show Edition

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Haze-XXL w/Gay Witch Abortion: Snakes Behind the Eyes
Slowboy Show Edition BOX SET
The previous Artist Edition was released in the winter of 2013 in conjunction with Haze-XXL's Eye Choking Aural Stabs art show at Galerie SLOWBOY in Düsseldorf, Germany this past November. This is the show version limited to just 50 copies worldwide. 
Snakes Behind the Eyes is a 26-minute long song split between the A & B sides & is on 2-color red splatter vinyl. This is an official Amphetamine Reptile release & is AmRep093.
What the set contains...
The Box:
The set is housed in hand-assembled & riveted black 12" cardboard box with a black & white spraypainted AmRep logo on top of the cover. Keep in mind, these are handmade, so there may be some inconsistencies in their finish.
The Record:
Exclusive vinyl variant with a red & sort of mustard yellow haze pattern. Silkscreen sleeve features a design of Haze-XXL's interpretation of the work of Junko Mizuno. The back cover is another variant from previous editions with the show postcard adhered to it. It also has the Slowboy stamp.
The T-shirt:
Available in red, black & navy blue. Front side has the AmRep eagle mascot on the pocket. Back is the classic Amphetamine Reptile Noise logo screened in 2 colors. 
The Print:
9.75" x 12" 3-color silkscreened print of the Eye Choking Aural Stabs image on thick Specletone-ish stock.
The Postcard:
It's a postcard, duh. No but really, it has the show image like the print & is the same as the one that's adhered to the back of the record sleeve.



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