HAZE XXL: BRAINS! button set *Satin Edition*

Sold out.

Missed out on the original BRAINS! button set when we quietly put them up for sale a few weeks ago. Well, you get another chance, with the Satin Edition.

Here's what'cha get. Set of 7 different buttons of HAZE XXL's design based on the classic Nutty Mads/Weird-Ohs cheap plastic Halloween masks from 60's. Edition of 40 sets signed & #'ed in silver Sharpie on the back of the silkscreened swing tag. Button manufacturing & printing by Boxy Mouse.

The Satin Edition is EXACTLY what it sounds like, because all the artwork is printed directly on satin fabric. They are NOT covered by a plastic cover, so be prepared for "that looks soft, mind if I touch it?" every time you wear them. So, same designs as the OG set, printed on a different medium.

The swing tag & backer cards are unique variants to each set & are made from the chopped up test prints of the same mask designs.




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