HAMMERHEAD: Into the Vortex CD (reissue)

Hammerhead: Into the Vortex CD

Want the music cheap? Here ya go & only $5!
Don’t think of ‘em as compact discs think of ‘em as miniature LP’s with their swank lil’ cardboard sleeves!

For a band that only put out 3 full-length LPs, Hammerhead's influence looms large. This is the 2nd Hammerhead album when it was originally released in 1994 & it was about damn time to make it available again for your wanting earholes. Haze XXL went pretty bonkers & based the cover art only loosely on the original record. Here's the tracks...

  • Swallow
  • The Starline Locomotive
  • Zesta
  • All This Is Yours
  • Brest
  • Double Negative
  • Empty Angel
  • Galaxy 66
  • Journey to the Center of Tetnus 4
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