GOD BULLIES: "Mamawombwomb" CD (reissue)

God Bullies: Mamawombwomb CD

For those who are just interested in the music & aren't into all that kooky vinyl.

Reissue time from the AmRep vault. This time, it's God Bullies long out-of-print Mamawombwomb debut LP that originally came out nearly 30 years ago! Haze XXL went pretty bonkers again & based the cover art only loosely on the original record. That flying baby thing is still there, but has been greatly modified into a plucked chicken carcass sporting a toddler's head.

And the track listings...

  • Act of Desire
  • Creepy People
  • O Shit
  • Fear and Pain
  • What Reason
  • The Godfather Moves To Arkansas, Pt. 1
  • Follow the Leader
  • Sex Power Money
  • Red Blood
  • All I Was Is My Mamma
  • What Are You Looking For





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