Hammerhead "Duh, the Big City/(Earth) I Won't Miss" 7" single with 2014 sleeve

Sold out.


Hammerhead "Duh, the Big City/(Earth) I Won't Miss" 2014 sleeve

The year was 1994, & a handful of the then new Hammerhead single (minus the sleeves) got tucked away & were long forgotten about. Flash forward 20 years as the were rediscovered & issued a brand-spanking new sleeve of a dead astronaut designed & signed by Haze-XXL.

Scale 70, pressed on clear green vinyl


A-side: Duh, the Big City

B-side: (Earth) I Won't Miss

Tagged   45   7 inch   7"   amrep   Melvins   Queen   single   splatter   Tribute   vinyl


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