CHERUBS: "Heroin Man" Reissue 12" Standard Edition

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2017- Edition of 100 in each vinyl colorway

CHERUBS: Heroin Man 12" Reissue

Originally released in as the Cherubs 2nd studio album 1994 Trance Syndicate, we were lucky enough to reissue it in 3 different vinyl colorways featuring the original artwork on the sleeve. Catalog # is AmRep 114. 

The colorways are clear smoke ribboned with black, mint green & red 50/50 split & red schmeared into clear (AKA blood in water.) One thing of note, the blood version can be very gritty. This is a known issue & is part of the manufacturing process that couldn't be gotten around when making this design.

OK, NOW LISTEN UP, CUZ THIS IS IMPORTANT!!! We are sending out the 3 variants randomly because they are sealed at the factory & we don't know which color is inside. There's 100 of each colorway & this is a true so it's even odds on what you'll get or if you like terrible math, a  50/50/50 chance. We've got a TOTAL of 20 records left & once these blow out, that's it.


Side One

Stag Party



Baby Huey

Dave of the Moon


Mr. Goy


Kis the Shine 

Side Two

Venus Flytrap

The Big Groovy

Wornout Balls


Example Maiden Japan/ Devil's Food



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