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Cabbage 'N Mash: Bakers 'N Donkeys 10""


What happens when you have conversations over the years about how much you dig Small Faces & kick around the idea of playing a tribute to the band with a couple of cover songs, plus maybe lay down the tracks, while your at it? Well, if you're Dale Crover of the Melvins & Bob Hannam (director of the 2016 doc, The Colossus of Destiny- A Melvins Tale), you form the side project, Cabbage 'N Mash & do just that.

Of course to do it right, you round out the group with Clem Burke of Blondie on drums & Glen Matlock of the Sex Pistols on bass. Then you head over to longtime Melvins producer/engineer Toshi Kasai's studio (who also pulls triple duty by taking over keyboards on the album), pull the pin & let the magic happen. When it's all over, you get the hyper-limited record, Bakers 'N Donkeys.

The cover is designed by HAZE XXL & screenprinted by Boxy Mouse on our standard tan heavy stock sleeve. We counted 6 colors of ink on 'em & with how psychedelic they are, we'll do our best to describe the cover with all the different ink colors involved. But really, you've got eyes, so it's not like we really need to do it at all. Anyhoo...

DAYGLO UPCHUCK EDITION: Sleeve is hot ink, metallic gold, muted teal blue & a lighter pink inks. The vinyl is semi-translucent Coke-Bottle green with fluorescent pink & orange splatters throughout. Edition is limited to 100 copies.

Back of each sleeve lists the line up of everyone on the album & is hand-stamped with the edition #.

Catalog #AMREP143.

Here's the tracks...

Side A
Song of a Baker

Side B
Donkey Rides, A Penny A Glass




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