AmRep Equipped: Sampler 1996/97 CD

Sold out.

"AmRep Equipped" • Sampler 1996/97
PRCD 6872 • Various Artists


  • Lollipop: Whey Face Down
  • Guzzard: Deaf Ears, Gamma Rays
  • Love 666: Bummer
  • Unsane: Alleged
  • Cows: Mas-No Mas
  • Hammerhead: Mune
  • Chokebore: Popular Modern Themes
  • Lowercase: Ringbleeder
  • Servotron: Image Created
  • Gnomes of Zurich: Big Teeth, Skeletal Face
  • feedtime: Billy
  • Today Is the Day: Realization
  • Supernova: Vitamins (live TV version)


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