MELVINS: "Throbbing Jazz Gristle Funk Hits" CD

What’s the obvious and predictable move for an insanely influential band like the Melvin’s to do on their 40th anniversary? An homage LP to another insanely influential band, Throbbing Gristle, of course!


A hybrid of covers and inspired jams, joined by their good friend Void Manes and produced by Toshi Kasai, this project will likely for the first time challenge longtime Melvins fans, because the band isn’t known for doing that…ever.

Expect Industrial accidents, broken machines, modular synths, circuit-bent toys inspired by the dawning of the industrial music genre kicked off in no small part by Throbbing Gristle. The first all-electronic Melvins album!?!

Cheapy CD for just 5 bucks. Cover art by HAZE XXL.


Catalog # is AMREP148. Here's the tracks...


  • Adrenaline

  • Eye Be Emm

  • Zyklon B Zombie

  • Semi Annual Report

  • Sic Sick 60's

  • Hot On the Heels of Love

  • 31 Jazz Funk Flavors

  • Discipline

  • Maggot Life

  • Hamburger Lady

  • A88A

  • Discipline 23





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