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Well, well. It looks like we've got some new material here that we're pretty excited about. (The) Melvins have a new 4-track album & what's this, Mudhoney is joining them too? Once you get'cher mitts on White Lazy Boy, fire up that CD player & let the hootenanny commence!


Artwork by HAZE XXL with none other than Mr. Hughes in the prime of his life. No doubt living the life in the Desert Inn, trying to think of a movie better than Ice Station Zebra. Bet you're now trying to think of one too. Guess what buster, you can't! That thing is a @*%&#-ing masterpiece! And say what you will about Howard, but he was saving his urine in jars WAY before it was cool.

Catalog #AMREP135.

Here's the tracks...

My War
Walking Crazy
Ten Minute Visitation

Drive Back
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